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22 April 2015

Whispery Savoury:

Listen to Your Cravings

"As our understanding of flavour has developed over the last decade both scientists as well as chefs have become increasingly aware of the importance that the senses have on our relationship, understanding and appreciation for the foods we eat. In the past flavour was all about taste and smell, we now know that among other elements; tactile sensations, visual presentation, the colours of foods and the sounds that foods make are all massively influential to how we perceive flavours and the judgments we make on foods. Projects such as Whispery Savoury take our understanding of senses such as taste to a whole new level and are the way forward when it comes to enhancing the dining experience." - Jozef Youssef



Jialin Deng

Initiator of  Whispery Savoury


Bruno Zamborlin

Technologist, Music Technology

Researcher and Live performer,President of Mogees


Jozef Youssef

Founder and Chef Patronof 

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