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March 2024

ArtMeatFlesh, Melbourne Edition 2024

"What does the future hold for food? And does any of it taste good?"

Embarking on a culinary adventure into the future with cultured meat, bug protein and smart snacks! Get set for sci-fi food fest hosted by bio-artist Oron Catts, meeting the tough questions of keeping our planet fed and happy. Imagine biting into a steak sandwich that's never seen a pasture, snacking on a crunchy cricket that's all about pumping up your protein, or munching on a cookie that plays your favourite tunes. Welcome to the wild crossroads of funky food science and big green ethics - all served up in the face of booming populations and climate crisis.


  • Oron Catts: Creator of ArtMeatFlesh. Artist, researcher, curator and the director of SymbioticA, UWA. The first to grow and serve lab-grown meat in the early 2000s.

  • Prof. Andrew Laslett: Head of Research and Development at Magic Valley, a startup cultivated meat company based in Melbourne.

  • Cal Callope: Butchulla, Anguthimri, Bindal women; advocator & researcher dedicated to promoting Aboriginal food sovereignty.

  • Jialin Deng: Researcher, foodologist and part-time artist concocts the future of digital tech and taste, blending gastrophysics with computer science.

  • Associate Professor Lindsay Kelley:  Researches food and eating as cultural and sculptural practice at the Australian National University School of Art & Design. Her new book is After Eating: Metabolizing the Arts (MIT Press, 2023).

  • Paul “Yoda” Iskov: Chef/Owner Fervor, Western Australia.

  • Peter Wright: CEO Global Hospitality Group. Overseeing a complex multi-faceted food empire, including, international events, fine food distribution,  local catering and consulting.

Presented as a part of Melbourne Food and Wine Festival 2024, hosted by the Science Gallery Melbourne.

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