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November 2017

Future Food Now!

Imagine a world where your dinner plate might wriggle with gourmet insects or glow with neon-coloured seaweed. Welcome to "Future Food Now," where the challenge of feeding a booming global population of nine billion by mid-century turns into an adventure of culinary creativity.

This isn't your typical food festival. Picture this: an event that transforms into an 'Uncharted Forest,' a place where the menu reads like a science fiction novel. Here, designers and chefs join forces to whisk you 33 years into the future, offering a taste of what sustainable eating could look like. Fungi feasts, seaweed salads, jellyfish tempura, and insect snacks are the order of the day, chosen not just for their environmental friendliness but for their ability to thrill the palate and nourish the body.

"Future Food Now" isn't just playing with your food; it's a playful poke at how we might solve one of the biggest challenges of the future: feeding a crowded planet without eating it out of house and home. By embracing the weird and wonderful, this initiative serves up a conversation starter on a silver platter, asking, "What's for dinner in a more populous, sustainable world?"

So, are you ready to dive into the dining experience of the future? It's a wild, weird, and utterly wonderful world of possibilities where eating sustainably means embarking on an epicurean exploration that's anything but ordinary. Bon Appétit,

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