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Logic Bonbon

Contemporary human-food interaction design has largely maintained a technology-driven agenda in which food has not been considered as a synergistic part of computing systems. This project explores future possibilities of food-computation integration that considers food as the focal material by which computation is realised.

The Logic Bonbon is a liquid-centred dessert that can computationally regulate its flavour via an integrated edible fluidic system which enable the food  to accomplish binary logic operations (e.g. AND, OR, XOR), so that the Logic Bonbon can instantly “computes” its own flavour configuration in response to a diner's input.

Through engaging with food as computational artefact, this project addresses how food as computational artefact can mediate new interactions, and paving new ways to enrich future food and computing experiences.

Related Publication: 

Jialin Deng, Patrick Olivier, Josh Andres, Kirsten Ellis, RyanWee, and Florian ‘Floyd’ Mueller. 2022. Logic Bonbon: Exploring Food as Computational Artifact. Full paper, CHI’22, ACM. DOI:


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