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August 2017

From Seeds & Chips to a Culinary Odyssey:

Revolutionising How We Choose Our Food 

X-Feast is a series of experimental events initiated by the ArcheX team, encompassing themes such as food, design, art, and innovation. These events offer audiences not just a taste experience but a feast of thoughts.

In an age where technology offers a plethora of dietary options, each choice we make carries the potential to impact society and the environment in myriad ways. Four visionaries — social independent designer Linda Tan, minimalist lifestyle advocate Tian Cai, IoT organic farming expert Yvonne Wu, and gastronomic explorer Julien Liu — shared insights into the cutting-edge food technologies and trends showcased at the Seeds & Chips Global Food Innovation Summit. Their discussions and the unique culinary experiences provided at the event invited participants to contemplate the future of food selection in fifteen years.​

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