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Hi, I'm Jialin (Jelly) Deng

Jialin Deng is a Human-Computer Interaction designer, researcher, and currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Human-Centred Computing at Monash University. Jialin's research explores the future of comestible interfaces by designing food-based computational artefacts that are programmable, reconfigurable, and digestible by the human body. Jialin sees her work as a research vehicle that provokes possible world accounts through lifeworld experiences to encourage speculations of HCI futures and inspire cross-disciplinary fields, including food innovation, multisensory interactions, material and embodied computation.

Jialin previously worked in the design industry, her practice was at the intersection of media arts, visual communication and experience design. Jialin holds a bachelor's degree in Fine Arts Studies at Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts and a master's in Narrative Environments at the University of the Arts, London. Her works have been awarded the first runner-up prize for the Mullen Lowe NOVA Awards (2015) and exhibited at the London Design Festival (LDF 2015). Also, she was invited as a guest speaker at Living in a Material World, LDF 2015; Young People Matter, Shanghai, 2017; and TEDxGuangzhou, 2019; Dagstuhl Seminar (Eat-IT), 2022, CHI-Melbourne, 2022.

jialin.deng [at] monash [dot] edu



"Logic Bonbon: Designing Food as Computational Artefact", CHI-Melbourne, Australia


"CyberFood: Food-Computation Integration", Dagstuhl Seminar: Eat-IT, Germany


"How Other Senses Affect How Food Tastes", TEDxGuangzhou (formerly TEDxXiguan), China


Multisensory Eating at Young People Matter, Shanghai, China


Living in A Material World, London Design Festival, London, UK



Plants Out Of Place at London Design Festival


Living in a Material World at London Design Festival

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