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Dancing Delicacies:

Shaping the Future of Interactive Food 

Call for Participation in Research Study on Interactive Food

Researchers from the Exertion Games Lab, Monash University, are looking for culinary experts to participate in a research study on interactive eating. This study will be a journey of co designing and experiencing novel dishes integrated with emerging computing technology.


Who do we need (per study session):

  • 1-2 experienced chefs

  • 2 diners/food lovers

Participation involves (per study session):

  • Co-designing new dishes with the Dancing Delicacies system (60min)

  • Dinning activities with the designed dishes (60min)


Flexible, we can conduct the study at any place/kitchen that suits the participants, or at our lab kitchen.

This study will contribute to supporting human-food interaction research and innovations in the food and hospitality industry. Please contact:  if you are interested in the participation or require any further information about this study.

About the system

Dancing Delicacies is an interactive food system which can enable a dish to dynamically regulate its own flavour combinations and visual presentations in real-time. The system utilises electrowetting technology (the manipulation of small volumes of liquid by altering its interfacial contact angle through an applied electric field) to control the movements of food droplets.  The system works with a programming tool which allows food makers to design their own dancing delicacies creatively by setting up the movement of food items. The diners are able to engage with the dish interactively according to how the dishes were designed. 

See more our work-in-progress footage at:

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